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How high do you set your goal bar?
When you want success so bad you can taste it . . . Multi Facet Mind & Body Trainer FORCING YOU TO FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS 24/7 What is the EL DORADO Factor? “YOUR ABILITY TO HARNESS THE POWER OF POSITIVE RE-INFORCEMENT” What is the Ultimate EL DORADO? As a team leader, please limit the number of GOLDs you present. “Less is More” and, in this case, for maximum effect it is important to award them to only those team members who have tried to perform and have performed over and above expectations. EL DORADO GOLD is a possession. It fits in your hand and goes anywhere with you. It is an item of beauty. It is a tempter. It is a system. It is a friend. It is an inspiration. Each one is handcrafted and totally unique - There are no two exactly alike - anywhere! It is your pot of gold at the end of that rainbow that you’ve been chasing for so long, sometimes without even understanding the chase. GOLD represents the many facets of psychological and physical development that can lead to a more powerful and successful YOU. Here’s how GOLD works - The six outside facets of your GOLD powerhouse represent Ambition, Instinct, Perseverance, Focus, Achievement, and Drive, combining together to make YOU a True Champion The system works equally for Life Skills as well as Sports - better if they are mixed You start your program each day by choosing six activities OUTSIDE the norm These could as simple as cleaning up clutter or as difficult as hitting your GOLD six times in a row with a spin bowl You must consciously apply at least one of the six facets of your GOLD powerhouse (for example, ‘perseverance’ and/or ‘achievement’) After you get your six under your belt, make sure to congratulate yourself before you move on to bigger and better things After a few days, you will be searching around for new challenges as you clean up all those messy chores you’ve been hold on to You will also gain precious time to enjoy life without stress GOLD is just the beginning. You have to prove yourself worthy of owning it by becoming the best performer you possibly can be and that takes effort and application. The rewards can be the difference between living in a rut or becoming a superstar. Is there real gold in EL DORADO? - You be the judge. Is it important to invest in BODYLINE CRICKET to be a part of the EL DORADO GOLD Factor? No! Nein! Non! Nada! As an investment in your own power of positive re-inforcement, EL Dorado could be the difference between a rut and a highway to success, however, if you can’t invest, just stick around and take whatever benefits you can from our experience. We love you anyway! EL DORADO is designed and produced by Genesis Promotions (Aust) Pty Ltd. The system is a culmination of years of experience in creative marketing, designing, advertising, photography and staff development with many of Australia’s most powerful organizations. The program is inspired by family and friends - ALL of whom are high achievers - ALL of whom we are immensly proud of.
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